Hi, my name is Elisa and I am the head behind Moonlight Jewel. Since I was a little child I loved dolls and the possibilities you have with them. I discovered Ball Jointed Dolls at the age of 14 and since then always wanted to some day make my own BJD. 

In 2014 I repainted my first doll and was hooked. It became a hobby and a passion. In the beginning of 2016 I started a doll account on Instagram and later that year after already gaining a good following on Instagram, I started my Youtube Channel. With gaining more than 200.000 subscribers on Youtube my hobby became my job and I completely dedicated myself to it. Next to being active on Youtube I also made a Patreon account with inside knowledge and a lot of rewards for my supporters.

In June 2019 I started to make my first own Ball Jointed Doll and want to make a Pre-Order in Spring 2020 and I am currently working on my first ebook for sewing doll clothing.

I am also streaming on Twitch since November 2019. There is so much going on and the next year will be even more full of dedication to my BJDs and my sewing ebooks.