A long time ago a little creature was sent to planet Earth in a tiny rocket. Her mission: gather data about humans and the planet they live on. After hundreds of years of traveling she finally arrived. Her name is Lylla, the little alien. Ready to start her research!

Lylla is the first Ball Jointed doll by Moonlight Jewel. Started in 2018, she went through a lot of processes of re- thinking her shape and re-designing her features until she got her final design in July 2019 thanks to Digi Dolls who digitally scuplted her perfectly in 3D. From this point on she was printed and primed. There were also a lot of things added and perfected from the printed files. Finally Lylla was sanded to be ready for the first Pre-order on 3rd July 2020.


Lyllaはムーンライト・ジュエルの初の球体関節人形。2018以来、形や特徴の改良の過程を経り、Digi Dollsさんが彼女を完璧に3Dデジタル彫刻してくれたお陰で、彼女はやっと2019年7月に最終デザインにたどり着いた。それから彼女は3Dプリントされ、下地を塗られた。3Dプリントをもとにさらにデザインは洗練をされた。最後にLyllaは磨かれ、2020年7月3日の予約販売に用意された。



What fits Lylla?

Lylla fits perfectly into Barbie tops, YOSD tops and into some MSD bottoms (Minifee). Littlefee shoes seem to be a good fit as well. For more exact dimensions Here is a chart with all the important measurements:


Eye size: 18-20 mm
Head Size: 21 cm
Height: 30 cm
Chest: 10 cm
Shoulder width: 5 cm
Arm length: 8 cm
Waist: 10.5 cm
Hip: 16 cm
Leg length: 10.5 cm
Thigh circumference: 7.2 cm
Calf circumference: 6.2 cm
Feet length: 3.8 cm
Feet width: 1.6 cm

Lyllaはバービーと幼SDのトップスにぴったし合うし、MSD (Minifee)のズボンやスカートに合うこともある。Littlefeeの靴にも合うみたいです。正確なボディサイズは以下の表をご覧ください。


目: 18-20 mm
頭囲: 21 cm
身長: 30 cm
バスト: 10 cm
肩幅: 5 cm
袖丈: 8 cm
ウエスト: 10.5 cm
ヒップ: 16 cm
股下: 10.5 cm
太もも周囲: 7.2 cm
ふくらはぎ周囲: 6.2 cm
足長: 3.8 cm
足幅: 1.6 cm

Available Colors are:

Chocolate Latte 
Fresh Mint 
Taro Bubble 
Sweet Peach 
Matcha Tea



How to order?

Event Date: TBA
Event Time: TBA

The Pre Order will be open for a week or until all dolls are sold.
Pre Order will be hosted on my SHOP




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